NEW UPDATED: Don’t make your cloud migration a house of cards

I’m usually shocked by the variety of errors IT made with on-premises conventional techniques that it’s now replicating within the cloud. When you’ve got a cruddy functions design or total structure and relocate it the cloud, you find yourself with cruddy IT property that are actually within the cloud.

Truth: The cloud isn’t an automatic change agent for unhealthy IT selections. Certainly, these unhealthy selections will usually be amplified within the cloud as a result of you possibly can transfer quicker and so encounter errors a lot sooner—and maybe extra usually.

The largest architectural mistake that I see within the cloud includes coupling. Again within the day, functions had been tightly coupled between different functions and knowledge sources. If one factor stopped, your entire system stopped. So if the database went down, all related functions did as nicely, together with any techniques that despatched or acquired knowledge from the database.

Years in the past, we realized that tight coupling was unhealthy. It killed resiliency, scalability, and the flexibility to independently use assets akin to functions, databases, and queues. Consultants like me gave shows on it, and books had been revealed on the subject, however IT organizations are nonetheless making the identical architectural errors in 2018 that diminish the worth of cloud computing. IT isn’t fixing issues which are transferring to the cloud that want fixing.

On the core of the difficulty is cash. Enterprises don’t allocate sufficient funding to repair these points earlier than they transfer to the cloud. I assume the hope is that the problems gained’t be observed, or that using a extra fashionable platform will magically repair the problems regardless of their poor architectures. The reality is that cloud computing is only a platform change.

So, what are enterprises to do? Clearly, I like to recommend that you simply repair structure points earlier than relocating techniques to the cloud. This requires spending as much as twice as a lot earlier than you make the massive cloud migration. Sometimes, this work additionally fixes the problems in migration.

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