GHOST STORIES: Ghost Hunting Theories: Desert Submarine Base?

The city of Hawthorne, Nevada harbors a giant 18-mile x Eight-mile lake known as Walker Lake. It additionally homes a guarded “Naval Undersea Warfare Middle.” This superb lake has not one construction to assist the locals having fun with a swim or some fishing, however does have some sort of base alongside its western edge. It has additionally been related to some fairly superb conjecture.

The world is listed as being fleet testing and logistics in Hawthorne, Nevada. 

For a while there was discuss of a possible opening within the shelf of California close to Level Dume close to Malibu that submarines can go within the water below land all the way in which to Walker Lake, roughly 395 miles. 

The Paiutes have a legend of the Hav Masuvs, a large and superior individuals who went underground within the west when glacial lakes started to dry out. There are theories that the water went underground and so they did too, into monumental caverns wealthy with water and probably the identical watery caverns utilized by the navy to trek to Walker Lake. 

This might tie the navy to ongoing interactions with the ancients. What would possibly we study from them, what would possibly they get from us? 

This 1650 map reveals California to be an island. This supposed “misjudgment” by Europeans on a map, displaying California as an island, was allegedly perpetuated by different map makers who continued the error. However, given the world from Imperial Valley, California and up by way of Dying Valley (which was as soon as crammed with water) and into Western Nevada the place Lake Lohantan as soon as was (Lovelock Cave space), there are many motive to consider these areas had been crammed with water at one time which could have given the impression of California as an island, however the waterways dried up hundreds of years in the past or it retreated throughout seismic activity to an underground web site.¬†

Should you misplaced your water, would not you chase it? May they’ve tailored to residing in cave techniques? We already know they buried in caves, lived in caves, and mined in caves. This was their residence already.

Maybe their sort died off quickly, with out giant quantities of people to cannibalize. Maybe they emerged every so often to abduct their meals. Maybe they lived on the big fish inhabitants underground and bats and occasional emerged to stalk different creatures for meals supply. 

Supply:  This pristine spring within the distinctive atmosphere of Ash Meadows in Nevada is hydrologically linked to Satan’s Gap, which is a virtually vertical cavern beneath the water desk in southern Nevada. An endangered species, Satan’s Gap pupfish, has lived in Satan’s Gap pool for hundreds of years. The water stage in Satan’s Gap oscillated in response to the Denali Fault earthquake, which disrupted the spawning areas of the pupfish close to the floor of the pool.

This (beneath) is a Navy munitions storage web site in-built WWII Period in Hawthorne, NV.

The location was there for a lot of a long time, however was taken over by the Military in 1977. ¬†It’s supposedly managed by a civilian firm at this level. It was reported to as soon as have indicators that it was a naval coaching facility. Naval coaching in Nevada?

(Indicators like this one above do not assist quell the rumors) 

The attention-grabbing discuss right here is of a shelf within the Pacific, below California, that enables submarines to journey below the US. Some stories have stated so far as St. Louis, others have stated from Puget Sound to below Idaho. The query turns into, if such a factor had been doable, the place does a submarine reemerge within the West? Does it come up at a lake and what lake wouldn’t it probably entry?¬†

Salt water must talk with the lakes that the subs might emerge from, so if one believes the speculation, the Nice Salt Lake in Utah would appear the possible offender. It’s extremely saline and huge. Nevertheless, studying about Walker Lake, this can be very saline as many western lakes typically change into, just like the Salton Sea in California.¬†¬†

Within the Malibu, California space close to Level Dume, there seems from aerial views to be a opening below the shelf with pillars. This lends credence, some say, to the idea that submarines can go from California to Nevada underground. It’s roughly 2000 ft down and three miles large.

Specialists all agree that it’s a completely explainable geologic characteristic, not one thing constructed.¬†


Finally, it will appear big waterway below the west wouldn’t make sense from a geological standpoint. There’s loads of drilling for oil happening with out incident. There are many fault strains and seismic exercise, in addition to lava caves from volcanoes and loads of caves. All of those might technically be crammed with water, however under no circumstances would that symbolize a possible submarine¬†trek-way¬†to Nevada. ¬†

There’s a place within the Phillipines that has an¬†underground river¬†that runs 5 miles to the ocean:¬†¬†The underground Cabayugan river lengthy remained hidden from the Western world and was as soon as held a legendary standing, the one proof of it being the tales and rumors of the native folks of the island. In 1898, the American Zoologist Dean C. Worcester spent a great deal of time learning the fauna of Palawan and made point out of the mysterious river, saying, ‚ÄúIf accounts are to be believed, of a lake opening to the ocean by a subterranean river.‚ÄĚ

That river, nevertheless, will not be a navigable waterway that runs the size from California Shoreline to Nevada’s desert. That will be distinctive past evaluate, particularly given the consequences of earthquakes on it and wherever its outlet is within the desert.¬†

Curiously, one outside adventurer I do know talked about oil and gasoline drilling bore holes deserted in California that led one to come back to the conclusion they’d hit an underwater lake or river. It would talk with the ocean, as it’s reported the water rises and lowers with the tides. In truth, this individual was in talks in regards to the potential to be the primary to raft that waterway. Ought to such a factor come to be, I might actually wish to cowl that taking place!¬†¬†

What this does have me contemplating is the underground within the west. We discover giants in caves. We discover their traces of mining. We hear tales of them being trapped and killed in caves. And, some consider they nonetheless stay in them. Now, the underground West will get thrilling once we assume caves would possibly nonetheless be a refuge!  

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