GHOST HAUNTED: Eyewitnesses Recall Cryptid Incidents

My encounter was on October 22, 2005 on a stretch of again street within the Mojave desert within the neighborhood of Joshua Tree and Yucca Valley, CA. It was the third or so day of quail season and I used to be all tagged up and able to go searching. I had just a little Jack Russell Terrier named Gus that a good friend let me borrow for the day since I am unable to personal canine or cats (allergic as all hell). I drove out and parked my Jeep on a turnout at a mud street intersection. There are a zillion dust roads on the market, and among the larger ones even have cease indicators on the intersections.

It was a very good day, and getting just a little late however I hadn’t hit my bag restrict but. I made a decision that I might keep out a bit previous sunset to try to bag the previous couple of birds on my allow. I used to be dressed fairly warmly, and Gus did not appear to thoughts so away we went. By the point I hit my bag restrict the solar had been over the horizon for about an hour. Getting again to the street was simple sufficient, and following it again to the Jeep was as effectively. Across the time full twilight set in I got here to an intersection with cease indicators in each instructions, and was getting my bearings when Gus froze mid trot and instantly beginning growling together with his hackles up. He was a reasonably chill canine so watching him go from comfortable little derp to DEFCON 1 so quick was alarming on it is personal. I scanned the world to see what he is likely to be upset about, as a result of my first guess was javelina (wild pigs) and all I had was a shotgun loaded with fowl rounds.

As I stated, these have been dust roads. Every street is roughly the identical width as a median 2 lane metropolis avenue. On the nook reverse the one we have been on, I noticed a creature shifting with the identical common gait as a rooster, however with out bobbing it is head. What clued me in initially that it wasn’t a hen was the easy proven fact that from head to foot it should have been shut to three toes tall. Primarily based on physique mass, I might estimate that it weighed about 40-50lbs. I tied Gus’ leash to my belt so he would not bolt after it and waited for it to get lost. It loitered on the nook for a minute, then with out making a lot as a flutter, it made a roughly 9 foot standing leap from the bottom to perch atop the cease signal. Positively not a hen. At this level I made a decision it was prudent to be armed, so I popped 2 contemporary shells in my shotgun and held it on the prepared. Once I appeared again up, I noticed it is eyes. The two issues that instantly sprang to thoughts (that is the place the biology geek is available in) have been that 1) They have been ahead dealing with, that means this animal was doubtless predatory, and a pair of) They have been proportionally ENORMOUS, that means it was doubtless totally nocturnal.

I spotted that a three foot tall, predatory, nocturnal, 40 lb animal that may make a 9 foot standing leap was now relating to me from a excessive perch, albeit from roughly 40 toes away, and that I used to be in a nasty place. I leveled my shotgun and unloaded each barrels at it. After the echoes died down, it was nonetheless perched on the prime of the cease signal, however making odd “chirrup” noises that sounded rather a lot like sneezing. I used to be reloading when it jumped down from the cease signal and ran away from us via the comb on the adjoining nook. I completed reloading, waited till Gus calmed down and jogged again to the Jeep. On the way in which again via I hit my path lights on the intersection this had occurred at and noticed that the cease signal had positively been peppered effectively with shot, and that almost all of it had been centered on the animal. This animal had taken a 9 foot standing leap soundlessly, perched completely on a 2″ sq. space and brought 2 12 gauge a great deal of fowl shot middle mass, and SNEEZED at me. On the way in which out of city I informed the story to the Spanish-speaking clerk at an area gasoline station who laughed and informed his coworker “You hear that? This guero simply bumped into El Chupacabra!” OJ


I reside in Chattanooga, TN only a few minutes away from Harrison Bay. This 12 months I began with four cats and would allow them to roam round exterior and they might all the time come again in when it received darkish. One in all them did not come again someday and we did not assume a lot apart from they need to of wished to remain out longer and would allow them to in very first thing within the morning. After every week of no signal of them we gave up hope and thought possibly a stray canine or wild animal or one thing received her. We saved a more in-depth eye on the cats from then on however did not have any issues till a pair months later when one other one disappeared. We now solely let a single cat out who’s older and meaner and might defend himself and even then he comes again in earlier than it will get darkish in any respect.

Now the start of my encounter is from final night time (12/28/2018). I used to be driving residence from work and the nearer I received to my home the thicker this unusual misty fog turned. I got here inside after feeling just a little uneasy and went to mattress after ensuring each cats have been inside and accounted for. I wakened at 3am to the sounds of a cat making an terrible wailing noise exterior my entrance door. It sounded nearly like a siren from the way it rose and fell in pitch. I appeared to verify my cats have been okay and so they have been huddled up below my television stand trying terrified on the entrance door the place the wailing was coming from and I listened nearer and the wail sounded…off. It gave the impression of a wail on the floor however had a guttural growl undertone and I felt a powerful urge to open the door however then I had a sense inform me NOT TO OPEN it. I smacked the door as an alternative and the factor made a loud garbled wailing growl sound because it scampered away. I then went to put again down round three:30 at this level and it began again up exterior my bed room window at this level. This time nevertheless it will wail after which make a sound prefer it was combating one other cat however there was solely creature making noise and it went again on a loop of wailing. Round 4am it got here to a cease. Once I got here exterior this morning to go to work there was this white fluff all around the floor. LH


I used to be driving residence in the summertime of ’97 noon, no clouds, turning a nook on the backside of the hill to my avenue. It is a laborious left flip and opposing site visitors regularly miscalculates how a lot they should decelerate to remain of their lane particularly in the event that they don’t sit up for see if anybody is coming.

So I used to be turning left, trying far left up the hill when out of peripheral imaginative and prescient to my proper there was what might solely be described as a big, and by massive I imply the dimensions of an SUV, creature wrapped across the base of an previous tree. It was gripping the trunk about 5 toes off the bottom like a squirrel, coated in lengthy brown hair aside from it’s head the place it was darker and quick like a horse. The pinnacle was anteater like, however no the place close to as lengthy or skinny in proportion.

My abrupt flip spooked it. The dense mane on it’s again inflated because it sprinted up the tree like a bear. I might see unbelievable muscle mass ripple below the thick coat, and it shook the complete 4 story tree. The entire sighting occurred in a couple of second whereas I used to be targeted on taking the flip, so motion is what made me discover it. Once I appeared in it’s route for a short flash I noticed huge hind legs blast via bark and propel it’s torso straight up the trunk after which nothing. The sheer dimension and power of it did scare me however the WTF factor made me cease.

I backed up about 20ft to get a greater take a look at the world which was the entrance yard of a home set again within the woods. Issues have been utterly regular. I didn’t assume it was one thing that was really there then, or on reflection. Did I see the ghost of an enormous sloth? PS

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